• M25 Telescope Mount

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    mg冰球突破官网   MOUNT, TELESCOPE:M25(T29)is used with TELESCOPE, PANORAMIC:M12A7C, or M12A7G on CARRIAGE, 155 MILLIMETER HOWITZER:M1A1 or M1A2 for CANNON, 155 MILLIMETER HOWITZER:M1 or M1A1. This mount is used for laying the weapon in elevation for direct or indirect fire. It is of the azimuth compensating type. It consists of a cross leveling mechanism, an elevating mechanism, an actualting arm with bracket, and a socket for the panoramic telescope. The mount tilts about the pivot in the mount actuating arm when the cross leveling knob is rotated. The elevating mechanism is actuated by the elevating worm(longitudinal leveling worm). The actuating arm bracket supports the pivot for the cross-leveling mechanism. An alining bracket is provided for use of a gunner’s quadrant in checking elevation. The mount has cross-leveling and elevation scales. It has no angle of site mechanism. LIGHT, INSTRUMENT:M34 is used with the mount for night oeration.






    1 ft, 31/8 in.


    mg冰球突破官网 1 ft


    111/4 in.


    mg冰球突破官网 48.5 lb

    Limits of Operation

    Elevation 0 to 1,100 mils
    Depression 533.40 mils